Increase your sales!
Swedish/Nordic market development
Estonian/Baltic market Development
Sales Agency – commission and or retained
Market research
Marketing material
Pricing policies


Increase your business opportunities!
Locating outsourcing partners
Production efficiency increase
Production logistic development
Plant construction and expansion
Quality issues and systems
Environmental issues and systems
Strategic purchasing support


Strategic management consultation!
Business plans
Value based sales strategy plans
Cultural understanding issues
Board of directors member
Management for hire
Key executive recruitment
Cash flow management planning
Financing solutions

Net- working

Business networks development
Match making events
Finding business partners
Creating alliances

Our Team

  • Rein Leipalu
    Rein was born in and grow up in Stockholm area, Sweden. After taken a Master of Science in Mechanical engineering at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Rein worked with design and construction of energy efficiency systems....

You Can Trust Our Experience

RELE provides project management, marketing, technical and strategic support to improve the profitability of companies trading between Sweden and the Baltic States. The company employees and associates are Swedish Estonians with degrees in economics and engineering and with more than 20 years experience as senior executives of Swedish owned companies operating in the Baltics. From outsourcing to plant construction to recruitment and sales, the RELE team can quickly facilitate your programs and strengthen your companies Baltic and Nordic wide activities.


Our standards

Increase and develop Nordica and Baltic companies sales value on the Nordic and Baltic marketplace thru technical sales support, strategic management consultation and a well-developed business contact network.

Leading network development and collaboration Company connecting industrial companies who want to grow on the Nordic and Baltic market place.

Key values
- Sustainability
- Trust
- Innovative
- Service minded