Rein Leipalu

Rein Leipalu, owner

Rein was born in and grow up in Stockholm area, Sweden. After taken a Master of Science in Mechanical engineering at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Rein worked with design and construction of energy efficiency systems.
Rein has also participated in business administration programs at Stockholm school of Economics as Business Administration and Management for Graduate Engineers and Executive Management Program.
Autumn 1992 Rein moved to Estonia and was responsible to start up Ragn-Sells activities in Haapsalu. During 20 years as manager for the company grow from 1 to 300 3mployees and covered the whole of Estonia with its services.
Rein has a wide Baltic/Swedish business network and is Board member of Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia.
Working languages: Estonian, Swedish and English.

Mobil phone: +372 50 16 160